The course expands upon the Basic Construction Math course to provide CCLs with the advanced math skills needed to perform trigonometric calculations commonly used on construction projects. Practical applications for determining missing angles, computing trigonometric functions for known angles, finding perimeters and areas, working with offsets and arcs, measuring arc lengths, and determining slopes are covered. The goal of the course is to provide the participant with math skills as they apply to Global Positioning Systems (GPS), project layout, surveying, and line and grade applications.

Topics Covered

  • Angles and Their Measure
  • Solving Missing Angles (using parallel and perpendicular relationships)
  • Right Triangle Trigonometry
  • Compute Trigonometric Functions of Given Angles
  • Applications: Finding Perimeters and Areas, Working with Offsets and Arcs, Measuring Arc Lengths, Finding Slopes
  • Advanced Area and Volume Applications and Calculations
  • Introduction to the Math Needed for Global Positioning Systems
  • Additional Applications Relating to Project Layout, Surveying, and Line & Grade Problems