The Lead Abatement Supervisor Refresher program reviews critical topics associated with supervisory responsibilities for lead abatement projects. Up-to-date information regarding new regulations, equipment, work practices and procedures, and other related information is detailed. DVDs available for this program include: Lead in Construction: Medical Surveillance, Lead Paint Abatement in Residential Locations, and Sampling Methods for Supervisors. Additional support materials for this program include: Lead Abatement Methods on Steel Structures (DVD: Lead in Construction – Safe Work Practices in Lead Abatement) and Lead Abatement Supervisor Program Examination and Examination Blue Print.

Topics Covered

  • History of Lead and Its Uses
  • Health Hazards of Lead Abatement
  • Lead Regulations
  • Personal Protective Equipment for Lead
  • Site Safety
  • Sampling Methods for Supervisors
  • HUD Inspection and Risk Assessment
  • Resident Protection for Supervisors
  • HUD Work Practices and Procedures
  • Lead Abatement Insurance
  • Lead: Worker Rights