This 16 hour course is designed for CCLs who need training to operate a Rough Terrain Forklift (RTF) as required under OSHA’s Powered Industrial Truck standard. CCLs learn how to inspect, operate, and maintain forklifts used on construction sites. The LIUNA RTF training meets OSHA requirements by providing both classroom information and operational skills training. This activity-based training helps students understand the machinery’s capabilities and hazards and teaches them safety precautions that make them better RTF operators. Workers must attend the entire course, attain an 80 percent or better on the written exam, and correctly perform all steps of the practical assessment to receive their RTF certificate.

Topics Covered

  • Forklift basics; different types of forklifts
  • Forces that affect forklift operation: momentum, leverage, center of gravity
  • Safe work practices for various jobsite scenarios
  • Forklift inspection, maintenance and refueling
  • Estimating load weights